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Please check schedule for most up to date class offerings


Our signature barre class. A high-energy, low-impact full body conditioning class that focuses on small, isolated micro movements designed to work each muscle group to fatigue. Movements are done using your own body weight for resistance and incorporate the barre, Pilates style core work, and some small props such as light free-weights, bands and balls for full body toning. Class ends with a cool-down/stretch to increase flexibility and enhance muscle recovery. No experience necessary - all levels welcome!

barreCORE (Barre + Pilates)

The best of both worlds. Barre and Pilates are complimentary fitness disciplines that fuse well together in this 60-minute class. Class starts with a warm-up, upper body, and barre-based exercises before progressing to the mat for a classic Pilates experience that focuses on building core strength and stability, toning, and proper breathing techniques. Finish with an extended deep stretch for enhanced muscle recovery. 

BABY Barre - for new or expecting moms! (*Specialty Class*)

A 45-min baby-friendly Barre/Pilates fusion class specifically designed for new moms looking to get back into a fitness routine, while also providing an opportunity to bond with their baby! This low-impact workout includes a light warm-up, standing exercises at the barre, and Pilates mat work helping reactivate and build "core" strength post-baby. Pregnant women who are looking for something a little less-intense than traditional barre classes are also welcome to participate. Modifications always available. 


We highly suggest waiting until your baby is at least 8-weeks old and/or you have been cleared for exercise to join this class. Once your baby has become quite mobile (about 10-12 months or so), this class may no longer be appropriate. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a "baby-wearing" class, so please wear an infant carrier that you can comfortably move with, such as Baby Bjorn or Ergobaby. Bring a towel (to lay on a mat), grip socks, and water. 



Luck of the draw! BARRE ROULETTE (aka "Instructor's Choice") is specifically designed to keep your weekly workouts interesting and fun. We switch up the barre style each week by rotating classes such as barreEFFECT, Cardio Barre, barreCORE, bootybarre®, etc. Instructors may vary - please see weekly schedule for details. Great way to get to experience all of our fabulous barre instructors, learn their styles, and shape that booty!

beFIT: Barre Series (8-week session)

beFIT allows you to experience a variety of class styles & instructors at the same convenient time each week. The majority of classes will be barre-based and include added elements of cardio, strength training, body sculpting, and Pilates depending on the week. beFIT keeps your weekly workouts fun with no two classes being the same...but you can always count on feeling the BURN! (Runs as a series - see schedule for dates)


Upbeat, high-energy full body conditioning class that fuses traditional barre moves with cardio intervals for an increased calorie and fat burn! Movements are done using your own body weight for resistance and incorporate the barre, mat work, and some small props such as light free-weights, bands, sliders and balls. Tone it up or tone it down - modifications always available.  


Our signature mat Pilates class that focuses on improving core strength & stability, sculpting lean muscles, and enhancing flexibility, balance and posture. Exercises are done using your own body weight for resistance, as well as small props - ie: light free weights, resistance bands/ring, and balls. The majority of class takes place on the mat yet still moves at a pace that provides an effective calorie burn through dynamic exercise progressions. The perfect compliment to any sports or fitness regimen. Suitable for all levels; modifications available. 

Power Pilates (45-min)

Go deeper than the muscles by strengthening your body from the inside out. This powerful "xpress" Pilates mat class will sculpt and tone arms, legs, glutes, and core through a dynamic series of low-impact exercises using your own body weight for resistance + some small props (weights, bands, ball, block, magic circle, etc). Experience a full-body burn as you workout smarter, not harder. All levels welcome; modifications available.

Xen Strength Yoga

Xen Strength Yoga (aka yoga with weights) blends traditional strength training moves with yoga postures to get your blood pumping and breath flowing. This upbeat flow is designed to target and tone all the major muscle groups while leaving you stretched & relaxed. A little something for yogi's & non-yogi's alike. (All levels; weights optional)

Rise & Flow Yoga (All Levels)

This uplifting Vinyasa class combines balance, strength, and flexibility with an upbeat playlist to start your day off right.  Leave with a natural energy burst to fuel you all day long. A different essential oil will be diffused each class. All levels welcome. 

Candlelight Yoga with Aromatherapy (All Levels)

Wind down from the day by candlelight in this relaxing slow flow and restorative yoga class. Focus on breath, alignment, strength, and flexibility while gently guided through postures according to your own level of comfort and ability. Modifications always available. A different essential oil is diffused each class helping set the tone for a refreshing practice and to enhance physical and mental benefits. 

Happy Hour Yoga (All Levels; runs as a series) 

End your week on a positive note with a refreshing Friday night practice. This class is specifically designed to help you unwind from the week and re-energize your mind and body for the weekend. Focus on building strength, balance & flexibility; leave feeling relaxed and renewed! All levels welcome.

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